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Solace Back Cover
Solace Album Cover

"Let's spread music and love, not bullets and hatred, to make this world a better place..."

About the album

Based on five stages of grieving (denial, depression, anger, bargaining, and acceptance), my third album, SOLACE (2016) is a “Healing Through Music” project, created in honor of my father whose life was taken away in senseless gun violence in the South Side of Chicago. I produced SOLACE as a way to pay tribute and bring closure to the 25 years of silently grieving. I dedicate this project to offer comfort and healing to millions of other families suffering silently due to the loss of their loved one in such unexplainable circumstances in life. I believe in the healing power of music which enables us to seek compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, appreciation, and love for one another.  


Album Credit

Soundtrack: Danny Boy

Video: Musica Solis Poductions

Recording Engineers:

Marc Aubort, Elite Recordings

Ken Candelas, Assistant Engineer

Bill Siegmund, Digital Island Studios 

Photo: Melanie Aldridge

Graphic Design: Dan Traynor

Recording Location:

St. Peter's Church-Chelsea, New York City

Musica Solis

Other Releases

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