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Embrace Album Cover
Embrace Back Cover

“Now here is a talent… who has as warm, silvery, and woody a tone as anyone could imagine with fast and keen finger work to match…amazing expressive capabilities…positively lovely. Lee’s breath imparts a certain glow to the radiance of her sound that is partly magic and partly a very precise approach to tone and volume.”– Review by

About the album

EMBRACE (2011) is a fresh take on some of the most beautiful and heart-warming pieces of classical music. Reaching beyond the limits of the existing clarinet repertoire, these beautiful repertoire which were originally written for instruments such as the piano, strings, and voice, showcases the versatility and voice-like quality of the clarinet. Music has no boundaries and through ‘Embrace’ my hope is to liberate the clarinet from its traditional repertoire and to inspire music lovers to explore all different avenues that lead us to the magical pleasures that music brings into our everyday lives. Enjoy! 


Album Credit

Producer: Marc Aubort

Sound Engineer: Marc Aubort

Editing and Mixing: Marc Aubort

Recording Assistant: Esthi Aubort

Mastering Engineer: Anthony Yeung

Record Label: Summit Records

Recording Location:

St. Peter's Church, Chelsea,

New York City

Photo: Melanie Aldridge

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