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Brava - Seunghee Lee - Album Cover
Brava -Seunghee Lee - Program

About the album

From the emotional power of the nineteenth-century opera fantasies framing this CD, to the range and melodic line of one of Rachmaninoff’s most famous pieces (Vocalise), comes a moving program of seldom recorded works for clarinet.


Album Credit


Producer: Joanna Nickrenz

Sound Engineer: Marc Aubort

Mixing & Mastering: Marc Aubort

Steinway Piano Concert Grand D

Venue: St. Peter's Church, Chelsea

Program Notes: Rhondda May
Photography: Joe Cognigni
Record Label: Summit Records

Total time:[60:36]

UPC 099402276922

30 under 30 Classical Artists- Seunghee Lee

30 under 30

Upon the release of her debut album, BRAVA in 2000, Ms. Lee was featured as one of ‘Top 30 Classical Stars Under 30’ by San Francisco’s KDFC Classical Radio.

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