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About the album

Combining sensitivity, skill and drive, Lee once again produces an exquisite recording that’s as technically perfect as it is exhilaratingly unrestrained. In her newest release, Hidden Treasures, Lee goes beyond boundaries to venture further into broadening the clarinet’s repertoire by making brave leaps into arranging famous symphonies and operatic arias for clarinet and piano. She takes some of the most expressive and beloved classical compositions that were originally written for voice, strings and piano, and beautifully delivers a stunning performance through her clarinet. Uncompromising in both talent and tenacity, Lee has been applauded by classical music critics the world over and praised for her brilliant playing style, her masterful technical skill and her silky nuanced tone.

Album Credit


Je Veux Vivre by Charles Gounod (Arr. Lee)

Video: Musica Solis Poductions

Recording Engineers:

Marc Aubort, Elite Recordings

Anthony Yeung, AYM Digital Mastering

Recording Location:

St. Peter's Church-Chelsea, New York City

UPC 888174459394

Musica Solis

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