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"Now here is a talent… who has a warm, silvery, and woody a tone as anyone could imagine with fast and keen finger work to match... amazing expressive capabilities… positively lovely” – Review by


Seunghee Lee (Sunny) is a multi-faceted musician, international recording artist, TEDx speaker, and a music entrepreneur who brings vivacious energy, exquisite elegance and extraordinary precision to all her endeavors. Ms. Lee has been recognized by the Clarinet Magazine as "an uncompromising soloist, destined to be an upcoming contender of top stature".


Ms. Lee’s multiple solo albums were featured as “CD of the Week” worldwide and have gained numerous air-plays in classical radio stations, including New York’s WQXR, ClassicFM Nederlands, NPR, WFMT, Fine Music Radio in Cape Town, among many others. Upon the released of her debut album Brava, Ms. Lee was included in the ‘Top 30 Under 30’ list compiled by KDFC Classical Radio in San Francisco. Ms. Lee performed in prestigious venues throughout Europe, Asia, U.S, including at Dame Myra Hess Concert Series in Chicago’s Cultural Center and a sold-out recital debut at Carnegie Hall.


Ms. Lee is the founder of Music Solis Productions, an independent record label, sheet music publisher, concert creator, and artists consulting company that aims to guide, mentor, and assist emerging classical musicians to become entrepreneurial leaders of their generation. She is a frequent guest lecturer on the topic of "Music Entrepreneurship" and has appeared as a guest speaker at Harvard Business School at the 2019 Asia Business Conference titled, "The Game Changers", the 2019 Yale Alumni Association Career Panel live stream fireside chat on the topic of "Careers in Music" and at Seoul National University, Juilliard Pre-College, Middle Tennessee State University, Troy University, and California State University Northridge (CSUN) for series of solo recitals, masterclasses, and lectures.​

Deepak Chopra, Seunghee Lee (@SunnyClarinet), Sunny Kang, Paul Averginos, Kabir Sehgal

An advocate for exploring new ideas, embracing all musical genres, one of the greatest highlights was her collaboration with DEEPAK CHOPRA on his new album & book: HOME: Where Everyone is Welcome, a collection of poems and songs inspired by a diverse group of immigrants. Ms. Lee's featured solo performance can be heard on the track "Father" inspired by Deepak's father Krishan Chopra who was a medical doctor. 

Pictured here in front of NASDAQ Billboard featuring HOME. Ms. Lee is standing proudly together with the multi-Grammy Award winning producers of this project, Kabir Sehgal, Paul Avgerinos and with Deepak Chopra.


A true New York Moment!

"She is a player with indisputable technical strength and expressive tone."

The Whole Note


A multi-faceted versatile performer, Seunghee Lee's recent exploration of cinema music led to an unprecedented collaboration with the world-renowned ANDREA MORRICONE, the composer of the timeless Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso, an iconic Italian film which won the BAFTA and the Golden Globe Awards. Ms. Lee appeared with Maestro Morricone in a full length concert for which Maestro Morricone conducted and especially wrote world-premiere arrangements for Ms. Lee for clarinet and orchestra of the "Love Theme" from Cinema Paradiso, his father Ennio Morricone's "Gabriel's Oboe", Nino Rota’s "The Godfather",  Scott Joplin’s "The Entertainer", Ryuichi Nakamoto’s "The Sheltering Sky" and many more works which are all available for viewing on her YouTube Channel.


Upon the release of her debut album, BRAVA through Summit Records in 2000, Ms. Lee was featured as one of ‘Top 30 Classical Stars Under 30’ by San Francisco’s KDFC Classical Radio. BRAVA was produced by multi-Grammy Award-winning producer Joanna Nickrenz together with legendary recording engineer Marc Aubort of Elite Recordings in New York City.


After much devoted time in motherhood, Ms. Lee’s longtime passion for recordings brought her back to produce EMBRACE (2011), HIDDEN TREASURES (2013), SOLACE (2016) and her newest album, FULL CIRCLE (2017) to critical acclaim. EMBRACE landed at number 4 on HMV Classical Charts in Hong Kong, while HIDDEN TREASURES, independently released through her own label, Musica Solis, reached to number 2 on Hong Kong Records’ “Top 10 Classical and Jazz Charts”.


Ms. Lee's recordings continues to receive numerous air-plays in classical radio stations around the world including New York's WQXR and were featured as "CD of the Week" at KDFC (San Francisco), at WSCL (Maryland), Symphony 92.4 (Singapore), at Fine Music Radio in Cape Town (South Africa), at WFMT (Chicago) and in "Girl Power" at WRR 101 (Dallas/Fort Worth) etc. Encouraged by many requests for sheet music, Ms. Lee went on to publish HIDDEN TREASURES Sheet Music Book (CD Included) and is available on   AMAZON and at selected retail stores .


Ms. Lee's third album, SOLACE (2016) is a “Healing Through Music” project, created in honor of her father whose life was taken away in a senseless gun violence in the South Side of Chicago. Based on five stages of grieving (denial, depression, anger, bargaining, and acceptance), Lee produced SOLACE as a way to bring closure to the 25 years of silently grieving and dedicates this project to offer comfort and healing to millions of others suffering silently due to such unfortunate events. Ms. Lee is a firm believer in the healing power of music that enables us to seek compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, appreciation, and love for one another.  


SOLACE was featured as "Album of the Week" in Classic FM Netherlands and was included in their Album Top 20 chart. 

"Let's spread music and love, not bullets and hatred, to make this world a better place"



Full Circle (2017), her newest album released together with Danish pianist Katrine Gislinge, is based on a concept that "Life’s journey is never a straight arrow but a set of continuous circles. Just as we are full of anticipation embarking on a new journey, we often find ourselves looking forward to coming back home with more gratitude, appreciation and a deeper understanding of what was already there....." excerpt from Full Circle program notes.


Full Circle features a wonderful variety of works for clarinet & piano, such as Schumann’s “Fantasiestucke, Op. 73”, Paul Reade’s “Suite from the Victorian Kitchen Garden”, Niels Gade’s “Fantasy Pieces”, plus several world-premiere compositions such as Bent Sørensen’s “Romance” and Augusta Gross’s “Coming Home”. Also included is an exclusive world-premiere recording and re-publication by Carl Fischer of the “Three American Pieces” by Lukas Foss. “As a student, Lee fell in love with clarinet icon Richard Stoltzman's original arrangement and would later work directly with Lukas Foss to improve the piece's playability for performance on the clarinet. Lee has been performing her version for years and in tandem with the release of this edition, she is also releasing the world-premiere recording of the piece on her album, Full Circle.”-excerpt from an overview by Carl Fischer.



At her core, Ms. Lee is passionate about using her music to bring comfort and healing to those silently suffering from personal tragedies. She is the founder of Concert for Cause, an intimate private home-concert series dedicated to shining a light on current humanitarian issues and on the worthy organizations working to resolve them. Ms. Lee believes that each individual can contribute to the betterment of our society, and she is devoted to using the power of music as a catalyst to awaken the goodness and the philanthropic hearts inside everyone. In short, she believes in making a difference, one concert at a time.



Seunghee Lee received her Bachelor of Music degree from the Eastman School of Music, studying with Charles Neidich and Eli Eban, and her Master of Music degree and Artist Diploma from the Yale School of Music, studying with David Shifrin. Ms. Lee feels privileged to have also studied with Peter Hadcock, Fred Ormand, George Silfies, Howard Klug, Laurie DeLuca, Mary Beth Skaggs and John Bruce Yeh of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.



Ms. Lee's collection of awards and competitions include the First Prize at the International Clarinet Association Competition; Winner of the Saint Louis Symphony Young Artist Competition, judged by Leonard Slatkin; Winner of the Music Academy of the West Concerto Competition, the Yale Woolsey Hall Concerto Competition, and the Yale Charles Ives Award. Being selected as one of three American clarinetists to represent the United States for the 1990 American-Soviet Youth Orchestra, she toured the world with conductor Leonard Slatkin and violinist Joshua Bell. As soloist, Ms. Lee performed with the Saint Louis Symphony, Gyor Symphonic Orchestra, the Metropolitan Symphony of Minneapolis, the Music Academy of the West Philharmonic, Pucheon Philharmonic, the Woodstock Wind Ensemble, the Jupiter Symphony of New York, the Yale Philharmonia, as well as a recitalist at Dame Myra Hess Recital Series in Chicago's Cultural Center, and with Pucheon Philharmonic where she served as a principal clarinetist from 1993– 1995.



Also, a highly skilled golfer, Seunghee Lee (a.k.a. Sunny Kang) won numerous Amature Golf tournaments, was featured on HK Golfer Magazine and spoke at TEDx Hong Kong about the surprising similarities between golf and music and the mental challenges of viewing both skills through the lens of a perfectionist. After living abroad in Hong Kong for nearly 10 years, she and her family recently moved back to the U.S in 2015 and currently reside in New York City.

Concert for Cause
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